Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital


Establishing Sanjeevanam as India’s first Premium Ayurveda Hospital.


The hospital has its parent branch at Chennai. The same brand had to be introduced to Kochi as India’s first Premium Ayurveda Hospital. People had to be made aware that Sanjeevanam is a premium Ayurveda hospital and not an ordinary Ayurveda Therapy Centre which offers only spa and other facilities. The hospital offers effective treatments and packages for lifestyle related ailments like backpain, diabetes, obesity, liver care. Sanjeevanam also has in-house Veg and Non-Veg Restaurants, providing healthy and delicious foods sourced from the best farms. What we did was changing the whole outlook and procedures of the parent one to avoid the cliché.


We recreated the brand from its logo to the way of approach, giving it a premium feel. Marketing activities concentrating to foreign countries are implemented. Even many elite classes make appointments at Sanjeevanam and we get positive responses from them. We have worked out strategic plans to bring down the common public to Sanjeevanam by implementing attractive tariffs and packages.


Brand Identity, Marketing Collaterals, Strategic Plans, Stationeries, Interior Design Ideas.