Current Openings :

As an ambitious agency that is at the heart of Kochi’s fast-growing advertising industry, BBP aims to attract out-of-the-box creative minds who look forward to exceed the expectations and possess the right skills and potentials.

If you feel you have the right potentials to get on board, send us your CV and portfolio to

Job Description

As a Client Service Manager your duty is to ensure client satisfaction with the company being the primary point of contact for a client. Their job tasks include directing and controlling the processing and fulfillment of orders, fielding customer inquiries, and resolving customer complaints. They may also streamline business operations, provide product training to customers, discuss technical aspects about a product, and oversee marketing campaigns.

Additionally, they often develop procedures, establish standards, and track shipments to ensure that delivery occurs timely. They may work with logistics, transportation, sales, and other departments for coordination purposes.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provide regular updates to clients on the progress of customer service projects and campaigns that directly affect each client
  • Develop open and effective channels of communication with each client that can be employed by other departments as well
  • Coordinate internal projects and determine the best utilization of resources to increase customer satisfaction
  • Encourage revenue growth by inspiring clients to purchase accessories and additional services
  • Become the reliable point of contact for each customer that is required to establish a strong business relationship